Agent TroubleshootingΒΆ

At times users may experience problems with the agent. Here we will explain some troubleshooting steps that may help diagnose and fix common problems.

  • Gather agent information. In order to receive help from the DCM support team it is helpful to provide information about your installed agent. The DCM Agent is bundled with a tool that will gather the needed information put it into a tarball. To create this tarball run the following:

    % sudo /opt/dcm-agent/embedded/agentve/bin/dcm-agent --report
    To get all log and configuration files copy /tmp/agent_info.tar.gz to
    your local machine

    When reporting a problem please include this tarball.

  • Inspect the logs. Useful information about the dcm-agent’s execution is written to the file /dcm/log/agent.log. This file can be inspected for error messages and other useful information.

  • Increase the log level. By default the dcm-agent logs at the “INFO” level. At times it may be useful to increase the level to DEBUG. This will result in very verbose logging and may provide the information needed. To increase the log level do the following:

    • Edit /dcm/etc/logging.yaml

    • Change occurrences of INFO to DEBUG

    • restart the agent:

      % sudo /etc/init.d/dcm-agent restart
    • Verify the agent manager URL. During normal operation the dcm-agent forms a TCP connection with DCM. If this connection cannot be made the dcm-agent will not work. The contact point is set in the file /dcm/etc/agent.conf under the setting agentmanager_url=<URL>. Verify that the value of URL is correct. In most cases it should start with wss:// (note the difference between that and ws://). Even in cases when the URL is correct there may be a firewall blocking the connection from happening. To verify that a connection can be made from your VM to DCM run the following:

      % telnet <URL host> <URL port>
      Connected to
      Escape character is '^]'.